Job Description and Person Specification


Person Specification

  • Demonstrates a genuine dedication to providing outstanding care for children

  • Has excellent communication skills

  • Has effective team management

  • Is passionately committed to achieving the highest quality outcomes for children, staff and parents

  • Aspires to exceed the expectations of parents

  • Is committed to continuous improvement

  • Maintains confidentiality

  • Values and celebrates diversity

  • Is supportive and encouraging

  • Role models best practice

  • Is committed to the development of self and team

  • Is a confident decision-maker

  • Can remain calm in the event of an emergency


Qualifications and Training

  •  (NVQ3/NNEB minimum: as long as candidate is in process of studying for EY degree/EYP)

  • Current First Aid qualification

  • Equal Opportunities

  • Child Protection / DSL

  • Special Needs / SENCO

  • Behaviour Management

  • EYFS

  • PC skills



  • 2 years post-qualifying experience in a day care setting

  • 2 years experience in a senior position

  • Working with babies

  • Team management


  • To deputise as Manager in the Manager’s absence as the supernumerary person in charge.  To work in a ‘hands – on’ capacity in the rooms in order to role model best practice for the staff team.  Coach and develop the staff team through delivering praise and recognition and offering constructive feedback and monitor provision and deliver improvement.

  • To ensure the highest standards of physical, emotional, social and intellectual education and care for children placed at Red Balloon.

  • To supervise and support the staff team within Red Balloon therefore implementing the highest standards of quality practice.

  • To maintain excellent relationships with parents / carers of children placed in the care of Red Balloon.

  • To foster an ethos of continuous improvement thus ensuring the best outcomes for children, staff and parents are met cross setting.

  • To monitor processes and implement evaluation tools within the settings. 

  • To act as an Ambassador for Red Balloon and to ensure that the vision, philosophy and objectives behind Red Balloon are fulfilled.

Reports To

  • The Nursery Manager and Group Manager.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

Managerial responsibilities in Manager’s absence:

To ensure the smooth daily operation of the nursery by:

  • Effective staff deployment:
    The Deputy Manager must have a good awareness of staff : child ratios and must seek to maintain these at all times

  • Effective staff management:
    The Deputy Manager must seek to resolve staff issues in the best interests of the staff member, the children, the parents and the nursery. The Deputy Manager must support the Red Balloon team in their day to day duties ensuring that all staff members are consistently working to their full potential

  • Effective communication with parents:
    The Deputy Manager must maintain good relationships with parents and seek to resolve disputes where possible. The Deputy Manager must work in close partnership with all parents

  • Confidentiality:
    The Deputy Manager has a responsibility to maintain strict confidentiality at all times

  • Safety and Security:
    The Deputy Manager must ensure that safety and security measures are constantly maintained

  • Policies and Procedures:
    The Deputy Manager must be aware of and act in accordance with current legislation and nursery policies and procedures

  • Health and hygiene:
    The Deputy Manager must ensure good standards of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained at all times and be responsible for health and safety standards as appropriate for the needs of young children


Specific Duties

  • Charities: Organising events to raise money for chosen charities. 

  • To ensure child consultation is being implemented in each room and a piece of evidence is being added each month to their files.  To support child consultation work, give ideas to staff in ways in which it can be carried out.

  • To utilise timeout whenever possible and make sure it is shared equally amongst the staff for Tapestry to be completed. Monitor children’s folders and check staff are keeping them up to date each month. Whilst spending time in rooms check staff’s work and give advice and support where needed.

  • As the supernumerary member of staff you need to help with Tapestry for staff members who are away.  Add to Tapestry while working in the rooms setting a good example to other staff members.

  • To carry out 1:1’s with Heads of Room, in rotation with manager.

  • To ensure that the staff team are consistently working to their full potential and talking to staff who are not. 

  • Supporting Heads of Room in giving direction to staff

  • To feedback to the manager after time spent in the rooms

  • To complete monthly Health and Safety observations of the rooms and everyday practice

  • Giving advice, support and ideas to rooms

  • To show prospective parents around the nursery.

  • To show prospective staff around the nursery and carry out interviews.

  • To support with new staff members inductions.

  • Record shifts and hours worked.

  • To give an introduction to the EYFS to every new member of staff.  Explain Tapestry and how we do observations and planning within the setting.

  • To monitor planning though all the rooms and give support and guidance whenever needed.

  • Check planning is completed on a monthly basis with all planning evaluated.

  • To complete day-to-day administrative tasks in order to ensure smooth and efficient operation of the nursery in the managers absence.

  • To ensure all communal areas of the setting are kept clean, tidy and ready for use.

  • To organise staff shifts.

  • To share the responsibility for monthly sheets with the manager, take turns every other month.

  • To contribute to Red Balloon’s Self Evaluation Form.

  • To be aware of company monthly budgets.

  • Annually audit of non-room based nursery equipment and restock equipment where necessary.

  • To work with and support the manager to maintain an Outstanding Ofsted rating.

  • To act as an Ambassador for Red Balloon and to ensure that the vision, philosophy and objectives behind Red Balloon are fulfilled.

  • To take on responsibility for the settings training needs, ensuring that the training matrix is up to date and that staff are booked on the relevant course at the right times.  To work alongside the manager to ensure that the training budget is adhered to. 

  • To support the setting by ensuring the weekly orders of art / messy play / nappies and sundries are placed. 

  • Booking the settings events, trips and other planned activity days.

  • Supporting the manager in their role as SENCO to ensure that all children who are on care plans / ISP and or EAL plans are supported and the best possible outcomes are achieved for them.